Run Out Of

La lista de compras en tu móvil

RunOutOf App, bring the shopping list with your phone!

Still using post-it to write down what you need to buy?

It is true, using paper to make a shopping list seems very practical but:

Do you always have it when you need it?
Do you understand your own handwriting? :)
Does it fills itself or you need to check every week what's missing in the fridge?

Do you still think it is so practical?

Get this App and let you phone help you with your shopping!

The most intelligent shopping list App available for smart phones will let you build your shopping list in just a few seconds! The more you use it, the smarter it will become. Just by launching the App you'll know what's missing at home and where you can buy it cheaper.

Create as many shopping lists as you wish! A shopping list for your weekend outing? Perhaps a shopping list for your parents?

Add as many shopping lists as you want
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Put it a name and a theme that help you identify it easily throughout the App
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Let the App fill your shopping list for you based on your shopping habits

Build your shopping list based on the products you bought in the past. The App will even predict what might be missing at home based on your past purchases! The more you use it, the more reliable their predictions will be!
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If you prefer, you can visualize the products in your shopping lists as icons.
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Do you think twice where to buy the products you need? In which store will my shopping list be cheaper? How much will the products in my shopping list cost me? This App will make it easier for you!

Tell the App you want to work with prices and it will register the price for each product you buy in the store you specify. Next time you go shopping, the App will show you how much your shopping list will cost you!
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In any moment you can access the purchase history of a product to check where you bought it in the past and at what price. Choosing where to buy it again will be now much easier!
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The first time using the App for shopping? Don't worry! You can access to a big product catalog (with more than 180 references!) to build your shopping list for the first time.

Quickly select all products from the catalog that you want to include for the first time in your shopping list. They will appear grouped into sections (how you normally find them ordered in the store) or category (your custom way of ordering the products).
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Too many products in the catalog to find the one you are looking for? Don't worry! You'll be able to filter the catalog for the product's name you are looking for.
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You can't find the product you are looking for? Create as many new products as you wish and grow the catalog to your own needs!

Create or modify as many products as you wish. You'll be able to set a description, a photo and an icon for each new product you create. In order to find it quicker in the catalog, you'll be able to assign it to a new or existing product section and category.
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Use the product sections already created for you or create your own! This is how products are grouped in the store.
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You would like to order the products in the catalog in a different manner? Perhaps for store? Use the categories to order the products of the catalog the way you want!
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