Mi Pareja y Yo


Two types of subscriptions depending on the functions you want to use:


Shopping Lists
Weekly Menu
Task List


All included in STANDARD
Weather Information
Partner's Location
Wish List
Favorite Places
Trip Planner

Two types of subscriptions depending on the renewal period you want:


Subscription automatically renews every month


Subscription automatically renews every year

Two types of subscriptions depending on your family situation:


Two individual subscriptions are needed for both of you to enjoy the App
Each one purchases his subscription separately using his Apple account
Once the subscription is purchased, all the functions in the App are activated for that user


A single subscription so that your partner and you can enjoy the App
You must both be part of the same Apple family group
One of the two acquires the subscription, activates it for his user and shares it with the other
The subscription will be available to the other after 2-3 hours
After that time, the other launches the App, accesses its settings and clicks on the "Restore Subscriptions" option to activate the subscription for his user

You can change the subscription from one type to another at any time. The change will be effective immediately.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.