ResiCare App

Política de Privacidad


Accountability – Who is responsible for the data treatment?

Identiity: Joan Santos Farràs
Domain name:

Data – What personal data do we collect?

The App collects the following personal data associated with you:

- Contact data: Email
- Identifiers: user ID
- Purchases
- Usage data: User interaction with the product
- Diagnostics: Error data

The App collects the following personal data not directly associated with you:

- Identifiers: device ID

Reasons – Why do we collect this data?

- Email: Used to authenticate the user, provide support services and for our marketing purposes
- User ID: Used to authenticate the user and provide support services
- Device ID: Used for marketing purposes
- Purchases: Used to authorize the user to perform certain tasks within the App, provide support services, analyze purchase data and for marketing purposes
- User interaction with the product: Used to analyze general user behavior within the App to improve it
- Error data: Use to provide support services

Data Retention – For how long do we keep your data?

The data will be securely kept until we receive a notification from the user to delete it.

Data Sharing - With whom do we share your data?

The data can be shared to different service providers for the purposes mentioned earlier. These data will not be used by any of these service providers for they own marketing reasons.

Data Security – What measures do we implement to take care of your data?

The App uses the services provided by third parties to store, analyze and treat the data we collect from you. The user can check the privacy policies of these third parties to obtain more information about the security measures they implement to protect the data:

Rights – What are your rights when you provide us with data and how can you exercise them?

You can request us to permanently delete all data we have collected from you when, among other reasons, the data is no longer needed for the purposes it was initially collected.

You can
contact us to exercise your rights.

Privacy policy updates can modify the privacy policy at any moment. The updated privacy policy will be published in this web site.

The current privacy policy has been last updated on 4/9/2021